Gun bill passes Assembly

Over objections by Democrats, the Assembly on Friday gave final legislative approval to the bill containing several gun provisions

SB175 was the measure Michele Fiore, R-Las Vegas, tried to use on Thursday as a vehicle to revive her “campus carry” language. She lost that motion 24-16 as seven Republicans joined the opposition. Several members said they were concerned the campus carry language would result in the bill’s death in the Senate.

SB175 was opposed by Democrats who said its expansion of the definition of justifiable homicide is too broad, especially the presumption a person who kills someone is justified.

Assemblywoman Dina Neal, D-North Las Vegas, said that presumption is too broad because it would be nearly impossible to prove killers weren’t in fear for their life or safety.

She also objected to the fact the survivors of the victim would be restricted in seeking a wrongful death civil suit.

The bill also mandates anyone convicted of a crime of domestic violence be prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm.

Finally, SB175 recognizes concealed weapons permits issued in other states that meet the same standards for those permits as required in Nevada.

The vote was 26-16 for the measure, which now goes to the governor’s desk.

Campus carry, however, was revived Friday in a new bill introduced in the Assembly. AB487 reinstates that language on its own and was sponsored by the Republicans who joined in blocking Thursday’s attempted amendment. Notably, it did not include Fiore among the sponsors.


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