Nevada Appeal at 150: May 13, 1932 — Lindbergh baby murdered

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.

Baby was killed following kidnaping is revealed. Round-up of all suspects and evidence demanded by authorities. Condon, Jafsie and Curtis being questioned. President demands wide round-up.

Washington, D.C., May 13 — (LP) — President Hoover has ordered the secret service department, department of justice, prohibition agents, coast guard men and all federal marshals and deputies to exert every effort to round up the kidnapers and murderers of the Lindbergh baby together with those who received the ransom money supplied by Colonel Lindbergh. The President demands that the round up become a live issue and not forgotten until the criminals are brought to justice.

Baby was killed

Hopewell, N.J., May 13 — (LP) — Following the discovery of the body of the Lindbergh baby late yesterday an inquest followed which reveals that the child was killed. The head had been caved in either by a blow or when thrown from a car. For a time it was believed that the child had been shot.

Many theories have been advanced. First that the kidnaping and murder was that of a madman or maniac. This theory has been abandoned and it is now the belief that the child was killed almost immediately following its removal from home and partially buried under the old sacking and debris where the body was found.

Identification made

Identification was made through clothing that was worn. This in turn dispels the maniac story, as it was of the same clothing that was used in the extortion when the Lindbergh money was paid to the gangsters. It is believed that this will lead to the arrest of those who have committed a triple crime.

Question negotiators

Police today are questioning Dr. John Condon, Jafsie of the want ad incidents, and boat builder Curtis, all of whom have been active in encouraging reports of contact with the kidnapers.

The authorities are demanding every scrap of evidence that these men have, a description of all of their movements, with whom they dealt and identification as far as possible.

Heretofore the police have been keeping hands off owing to the stories given out by the three of contacts. The fact that the baby might be disposed of has also held back the now definite movements on the part of the police.

Schwartzkopf, head of the department, states that several gang suspects are under observation and that arrests may be expected.

For a time the police believed that the time was that of a madman or amateurs, who became frightened and killed the baby.

Body identified

Colonel Lindbergh, who was at sea when the discovery of the body was made, immediately returned to his home, where he was met by his wife and Mrs. Morrow.

The body was taken directly to the Trenton morgue for identification. Betty Gow, the nursemaid of the baby at the time of his kidnaping, identified garments on the body, which is in a bad state of preservation. It was here that it was found that the child had been killed by a blow on the head.

Same indentification

Mercer County Prosecutor Erwin Marshall, stated today that the men who took the fifty thousand dollars ransom money from the Lindberghs were the same who killed the child. They used a portion of the child’s clothing to establish the fact that they held the boy. The clothing tallies with that found on the body. Action taken by the police to keep the morbid curious from the Lindbergh estate is being enforced. Colonel Lindbergh has thanked all, the press including, for their efforts in the hunt for his boy. Many telegrams and letters are being received by him and his family.


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