Builder, bistro filling downtown Carson City building

Shaheen Beauchamp Builders, LLC, which has moved downtown to 318 N. Carson St., is helping renovate space on the first floor for Mystique Restaurant & Lounge in the same building.

The goal will be synergy in the structure those two firms and other tenants will share there, according to Mark Beauchamp of the builders.

Beauchamp, one of the principals of the firm operating here since 1998, said the move from leased and shared space in northeast Carson City to the building at 318 N. Carson St., in which the firm is part owner, puts the company in the thick of downtown changes that are under way or coming.

“We wanted to be downtown,” he said. “We support what they’re trying to do downtown.”

That was a reference to city government’s makeover of Carson Street, addition of a plaza on a closed block off Carson at West 3rd Street, and an eventual smaller makeover of Curry Street downtown as well. On Carson Street, traffic will be slowed with fewer lanes next year, sidewalks will be widened, bike lanes added, and the goal will be greater street life over time.

The Mystique private sector project, moving forward but in late formative stages, has Shaheen Beauchamp involved on the first floor facing Carson Street to join the Carson Cigar Company, a tobacconist and bar, which also is listed at the same address but is located on the west back side along Curry Street.

Shaheen Beauchamp, meanwhile, has moved into Suite 202 and has 3,000 square feet of office space. He said perhaps 2,000 square feet in the building can still be leased.

“We’re hoping to create a synergy there,” said Beauchamp, mentioning the first floor’s Mystique and the cigar bar.

“We’ve been in there working,” he said of the restaurant/lounge yet to open on the North Carson Street side.

Yvett Barrett, president of C.C. Mystique, Inc., on Thursday is expected to go before the Carson City Liquor and Entertainment Board for her liquor manager’s license. City staff is recommending approval.

The license request indicates the restaurant and lounge will be in 4,000 square feet of space, and the number of employees envisioned by Barrett will be a dozen.


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