Past Pages for Friday, Nov. 20, 2015

150 Years Ago

St. Peter’s Calico Party. The ladies of the Episcopal Church will give a Calico Party at the Pavilion for the purpose of raising funds for the benefit of the church. All melodious delicacies will adorn the music, whence the best of dancing tunes will be enunciated and the choicest viands of the season will be displayed. Tickets are $2.50 each at Fox’s Book Store.

130 Years Ago

Advertisement. “Piper’s Opera House! — A Memorable Musical Event! Dec. 3. Nevada Grand Concert! Under the direction of C. A. Chizzola; Do de Vivo, Manager — First and Only Appearance of EMMA NEVADA. The world-renowned Prima Donna, who will give one concert in Virginia City.”

John Piper was in Carson making arrangements for the Carson people to see Emma Nevada. About 100 people are anxious to see her. The round-trip tickets and concert admission will not be more than $2.50 or $3.

110 Years Ago

Brush fires. High winds wafted the smoldering fires into activity. A big fire in Washoe Valley spread over thousands of acres, burning sagebrush.

70 Years Ago

Advertisement. “Good News. Carson Hot Springs Dining Room, now in charge of Chloe, famous for her wonderful home cooking and pies (yum-yum). Deluxe dinners — steaks, $2; chicken, $1.75; roast beef, $1.50 ... this includes a tasty cocktail, salad, soup, relish and a piece of Chloe’s pie for dessert. Music by Prof. Dave Stewart, nightly at the Hammond Organ.”

50 Years Ago

Memorial services. Memorial observances will be held for President John F. Kennedy on the second anniversary of his assassination. Gov. John A. Volpa of Massachusetts proclaimed a John F. Kennedy Memorial Week. “It is fitting that now, two years after his death, we recall not the grief which was felt in every nation ... but the challenge which he extended to all Americans.”

20 Years Ago

Photo caption. Mildred and Walter Frey receive a balloon from Pat Mardis, a store employee at Sav-On drugs. The store changed its name from Osco to Sav-On in order to bring it under the same banner as the company’s 20 remaining Las Vegas area stores. The grand opening celebration included free balloons, refreshments and gift packs.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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