Gas prices going below $2 a gallon in Carson City

Gasoline’s average price in Nevada as the work week began was about $2.58 a gallon, but in Carson City a few stations managed to undercut the $2 mark.

Regular unleaded gas, according to, was down in Nevada about 8 cents from a week earlier, more than 20 cents below last month’s average across the state and more than 41 cents below last year’s $3 per gallon.

In Carson City, meanwhile, Monday’s report showed three stations were at $1.99 and the cost escalated from there at 21 other outlets.

The highest amounts reported in the city were in the range of $2.50 per gallon. There were four outlets at $2.49 and one at the high mark for the capital city of $2.53.

A analyst said the $2 gallon mark looks like it could be breached on the down side on the national level soon.

“Gasoline prices appear ripe to break under the $2 per gallon threshold in the next day or two, something not witnessed since March, 2009,” said Patrick DeHaan, the petroleum analyst for the gas price monitoring website. “It’ll come in handy, not only in the week ahead, but for the holiday season as well.”

He cited low per barrel petroleum costs, declining demand and an end to the refinery maintenance season.


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