Past Pages for Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015

150 Years Ago

The trip to Mono Lake — The small island: As we neared the small islands, the number of ducks was incredible. They made the surface of the lake appear as a vast sage plain. After two-and-one-half hours hard rowing, we arrived at the small island, which was composed entirely of black lava. The island is one mile long by one-fourth of a mile in width. Masses extend out from one-fourth to one-half mile of rocks entirely covered with calcareous encrustation.

130 Years Ago

Horse stealing. Warden Bell turned a man out of the state prison who had been sent up for horse stealing. His partner would have gone out too, but cut up some sort of dido and was fined 10 days. He saw his friend get out and said nothing. A visitor was condoling him with his misfortune and he replied with a laugh, “Do you think I’m such a damn fool as to go out in such weather as this?”

110 Years Ago

Advertisement. “Kitzmeyer’s Drug Store, new goods, fresh drugs and reliable service at ‘The Old Corner’ formerly the Thaxter Drug Store, corner Carson and King streets. Complete stock of high grade perfumes, soaps and druggist sundries .. C. H. Kitzmeyer, Prop.”

70 Years Ago

Jinxed. Housewives experienced a bad time for a half-hour when the power failed as dinners were being prepared on electric stoves. The trouble was caused as a result of a failure in the P.G. & E. lines.

50 Years Ago

Civic Auditorium. The second act of “Tobacco Road” put on by the Proscenium Players, Inc. was half way through when an electric feeder line into the Civic Auditorium snapped and the lights blacked out. The cast kept right on with their lines by flashlight until the power company said it would take a while to repair the damage, and the attendees were offered a rain check.

20 Years Ago

Power Rangers. The dynasty has ended, and there is no heir apparent on toy store shelves. The helmeted action figures have had competition with Star Wars actions figures and others.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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