Carson City among top physician’s assistant work places

A physician’s assistant in Carson City works in one of the top 10 small cites nationwide for that profession, according to a website study.

Nevada’s capital community ranked sixth in the small city category, said, which conducted studies covering large, mid-sized and smaller cities. The top small city was Manhattan, Kans., followed by Ocala, Fla., Danbury, Conn., Rochester, N.H., and Goldsboro, N.C., before Carson City.

The other four small cities for physician’s assistants, in order, were Burlington in Vermont, Bangor in Maine, Flagstaff in Arizona, and Yuba City, Calif. The top large city was Nassau, N.Y, and the top mid-sized community, according to the study, was Rochester, Minn.

The website said it collated and analyzed data from 286 cities, overall, using three metrics: median salary, cost of living and a location quotient. The analysis was made available online at


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