Carson City weather shelter opens at Fuji Wednesday

A pre-Thanksgiving wintry blast prompted Carson City and FISH officials to open a shelter for the homeless at Fuji Park beginning Wednesday. Due to expected temperatures below 15 degrees, city government and Friends in Service Helping (FISH) are partnering to protect those seeking refuge from cold and probable wet conditions Wednesday night through Saturday night. The shelter will open at 6 p.m. each evening and close the next morning at 7 a.m. More information is available by calling FISH at (775) 882-6334.

Fire Chief Bob Schreihans said lives can be saved.

“Providing an emergency cold weather shelter doesn’t ‘solve’ homelessness,” he said, “but it does save lives. We’re proud to partner with FISH and the Carson City Parks Department to ensure the most vulnerable in our community won’t be left out in the cold.”

The shelter at Fuji Park is on Old Clear Creek Road at the park and fairgrounds west of Bodines Casino and across the street to the south from Costco. FISH operates shelters with volunteers and donations.

City government issued the announcement release Tuesday, saying no one would be admitted to the shelter in possession of drugs or alcohol. The release also said pets must be under the control of their owners.

In addition, the city issued a general warning about the weather situation to all residents.

“While precipitation is welcome in our region,” the release indicated, “it’s important for citizens to remember high winds, rain and heavy snow can knock out power and communication services and make the roads dangerous. Carson City is encouraging citizens to be prepared.”


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