Nuisance beavers causing issues in Sparks

SPARKS — Sparks officials are trapping and removing nuisance beavers that are chewing into trees and building dams that bring the potential for flooding.

The Sparks Tribune reports the Nevada Department of Wildlife issued a permit to the city, which has hired a contractor to conduct the removal.

Nuisance beavers have been trapped in Sparks previously. Public works manager Ron Korman Korman said dams could cause flooding by blocking a storm-drainage ditch that is part of the North Truckee Drain.

The state permit requires trapped beavers be euthanized. The city must submit a report to the wildlife department that summarizes all activity involved in the removal.

Korman says public opinion in Sparks is split on the issue, and that the city is trying to do its research and be “citizen-friendly.”


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