Cheers & Kudos; Volunteer is an asset to Dayton’s history

I would like to acknowledge Laura Tennant for being such a dedicated historical volunteer. My mother (Leah Giometti Callaghan) and uncle (Louie Giometti) were born in Dayton to Elia and Giorgia Giometti. My uncle and mother are long gone, and I was the receptacle for many family relics.

There is such a glut of material these days, and with my generation downsizing, there is often no destination for precious memories. These memorable items often end up in landfill, or as thrift store fare. A number of years ago I began downsizing and sorting my precious memories. I found a wonderful, welcoming source being the Dayton Historical Society, and Laura Tennant.

Laura had corresponded with my mother over the years, and now welcomed me. She always was excited to see what new things I shared with the museum. I thank Laura for her personal touch. She has regularly and graciously acknowledged me for sending the items. Today the personal touch is often lacking; however, Laura provides that personal interaction. She is a great asset to Dayton’s history. I am so glad to know her!

Kathleen Callaghan

Georgetown, Calif.


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