Carson City Planning Commission approves housing project, apartment complex

Carson City’s Planning Commission has approved a 41 unit housing project and a 90 unit apartment complex for different locations in the city.

Approval for the planned unit development (PUD) with the more than 40 single family dwelling units came Wednesday night on a request from Project One, which has proposed it for 3.66 acres at 250 Eagle Station Lane. The proposal was approved 7-0 by commissioners, according to Susan Dorr Pansky, city planning manager.

The request included need for action on a special use permit to allow residential use on property zoned general commercial, plus variances to allow reductions in minimum lot sizes, parking, open space and periphery setbacks.

The project, which is at Eagle Lane east of South Carson Street, envisions an average lot size of 2,596 square feet, down from 6,000 square feet. The required 103 parking spaces would be reduced to 79 under the proposal.

The 90 unit apartment complex, meanwhile, required a special use permit for construction in a retail commercial zoning district where the property is zoned for a retail/commercial PUD. It’s at the northwewt corner of GS Richards Boulevard and Country Club Drive on the city’s north side. It will go on 4.08 acres in the Silver Oak PUD near the Silver Oak Golf Course. The plan was approved on a 5-2 vote tally, Pansky said.

The apartment complex request came from Jeff Frame, with the property owners identified as Mark Turner and Sean Richards.

If there are appeals from commission action to the city’s Board of Supervisors, they must be filed within 10 days.

Among other actions, the commission continued a request from Jose Hernandez for a special use permit to allow construction of a church on an acre of property zoned for single family usage at 420 Clear Creek Ave., and adopted a resolution commending George Wendell for eight years of service on the commission.


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