Carson High School students receive laptops

Carson High School students began receiving their laptops Tuesday as a part of the Carson City School District’s 1:1 mobility project.

From Oct. 5-9, the high school students will each receive their own laptop in order to try to enhance and expand their learning. The project is to help students learn how to use technology as a learning tool instead of just for a social tool.

“The laptops are a tool and tools change,” said Susan Keema, associate superintendent of Educational Services. “This is not to replace teachers. The students know how to use technology to utilize it for social media but the teachers can help them use it as a tool for learning so that they know how to use it for learning in college and later for a career.”

This is the third year of the project, with Carson City elementary and middle school students all already using the laptops. Pioneer High School received their laptops last week.


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