Letters to the editor for Friday, Oct. 9, 2015

Stop funding Planned Parenthood

I am a resident of Nevada and a hunter. I pay for my license and tags and I am allowed to hunt within the state laws. I have harvested moose, elk, deer, caribou, geese, ducks, quail, dove, rabbits and fish during my life. I have done this in many states and Canada. I eat what I harvest. However, if I to try to sell any of the parts or meat from my harvests, I can be subject to pay fines, spend jail time and lose all my hunting privileges.

I am confused. Why is it illegal for me to sell parts of these animals and it is OK for Planned Parenthood to sell parts of human babies? The liberal left Democrats want to take away my guns and hunting rights. They do think, however, it is OK to harvest and sell human baby parts. Are animal rights more important than human rights?

I’ve seen the disturbing videos of Planned Parenthood talking about how its works to save certain human baby parts. I’ve seen it negotiate the price of these parts. If the Department of Wildlife had video of me doing this with animal parts, I would be prosecuted.

I am sickened by the Democrats’ liberal hypocrisy. Funding Planned Parenthood with tax dollars needs to stop. People in Planned Parenthood need to be prosecuted for selling human baby parts, just as I would be prosecuted for selling animal parts.

Dennis Castner

Mound House


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