Carson City subdivisions inching closer to reality; coming in front of Board of Supervisors

A proposal for a 41-single family residential lots goes Thursday to Carson City’s Board of Supervisors for possible action.

The Project One proposal would put the 41 lots on 3.66 acres of land, if the board approves, in part via variances that include smaller lots than would normally be required. The special use permit involved and variances called for lot sizes averaging 2,596 square feet rather than 6,000, as well as reductions in required parking, open space and setbacks. The project involves property located at 250 Eagle Station Lane on the city’s south side.

The board meets in the Sierra Room at the Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St., beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday. The agenda doesn’t include a lunch break, which means work on the 25 agenda items should be done without reaching the afternoon hours.

Also on the agenda is an item calling for approval of the final subdivision map for Canyon Vista, which calls for 18 lots on property zoned single family one acre. It’s east of Hillview Drive between Clearview Drive and East Appion Way, also in southern Carson City. The board in June approved a tentative subdivision map.

City government’s information technology unit will make a presentation for the board covering capabilities of two new software applications for use in keeping the public informed on city matters. One demonstration is from Socrata, which would enable city officials to provide a web portal to show fiscal information. The other will demonstrate Granicus, which will enhance outreach via video production and other capabilities, according to a staff summary.


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