Letters to the editor for Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015

Maybe God will be allowed in our schools again

Our narcissistic president did it again. He spoke to the nation and, instead of offering condolences to the families of the victims, he started speaking about himself. He said it has become routine for him to have to speak about another violent event. He said reporters now routinely have to report about such events. He did not say our society needs to learn what shaped the shooter into the person he was on the day of the tragedy. He did not ask why the shooter singled out Christians.

Survivors did state the shooter singled out Christians. At the same time, reporters interviewed survivors and almost to a person they said things like: “Holy God,” “God have mercy,” “God help us.” Isn’t it fascinating that God isn’t welcome in our schools, colleges or universities anymore, but when tragedy hits, people call out for him? No reported anyone crying out, “Please, President Obama, help us.” Perhaps there will come a day when once again God is welcome in our schools, colleges, universities, courts and public buildings. I hope I’m around to see it.

Ron Landmann


Where will we be exiled when punishment comes?

Why is it that we leave the security of our nation to the president of our country, whose loyalty to it is in question?

We are saddened by the senseless killings at our colleges, at the same time our large population centers like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are left defenseless from a nuclear attack. Heaven forbid we protect the citizens of this nation, instead of the spineless representatives.

In the past I have complained about the senseless murder (which we call abortion) of defenseless babies. What makes us think that this will go unpunished? In the Old Testament, it comments about the exiles the Jewish people had to suffer. Where will we be exiled to when our punishment arrives?

Please, people of our great country, wake up to the present danger before it’s too late.

Neil Powers

Carson City

God help us if we let refugees in

I couldn’t agree more with Ronald Feldstein about the refugee situation.

I came from Europe. Every year I can see the Europe I knew doesn’t exist any longer. Everywhere there are “Islamic centers,” mosques, and it looks like Moslems are the majority. There are no more prayers allowed in schools and no small wooden crosses in each schoolroom. Thank the Moslems for this.

And now the situation with the refugees is worse. These so-called “refugees” are mostly angry young men, uneducated and will never likely amount to anything. They will be a burden to society.

Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia take care of its own? It doesn’t want them — knowing they are trouble. Saudi Arabia told Germany it will build 200 mosques or more for the refugees. Imagine? Saudi Arabia has a tent city for 3 million people in Mina. Each tent has its own air conditioning and loudspeakers, etc. There would be the perfect place for these refugees. They would be with their Moslem brothers.

There is not one Moslem state that takes refugees. Also, Russia is not involved in it. It doesn’t mind seeing Europe destroyed.

And why is the USA even thinking of taking them? These men will join ISIS and try to kill as many Americans as they can. If the U.S. lets such people in, there will be more terrorists on our streets than can be imagined. Many feel Europe is doomed by the Moslem population. Is America next? If this administration lets them in … God help us!

Renate McFarland


Wake up America, Trump isn’t qualified

In response to Jim Hartman’s letter of Sept. 29, I agree with you about the assessment of Donald Trump’s ability to be a president. You got the facts right. He is a joke, a rich guy with a loud, disrespectful mouth and no clue on how to run a powerful country like the United States. He is misinformed and uninformed on the workings of government. Definitely not presidential material.

The only thing to compare Trump to is a circus clown. Look at that face! I can laugh at that and cry that the average American has the low intelligence level to fall for Trump’s phoney ravings.

We do need a change, but Trump isn’t it! Wake up, America!

Phyllis Skamel

Carson City

State prison and sheriff’s log

I enjoyed the article on the Nevada State Prison. It forgot to mention the city fathers had a meeting at the Warm Springs Hotel, got into an argument and destroyed it. Wondering how they were going to explain paying for the damage, they bought it for the prison.

Secondly, the Nevada Appeal prints every day the sheriff’s log. Most of the arrests are from people with past criminal activity. If our elected officials don’t do something to stop the courts from putting criminals back on the streets, we will have to wait for our next memorial of an innocent person such as we just had for Deputy Howell.

Dixie Horsmon

Carson City

Good riddance to Barrett-Jackson

Good news is circulating through Carson City among classic car collectors that Barrett-Jackson is no longer in charge of the annual car sale at the convention center in Reno during Hot August Nights.

We are assuming that Silver Auctions will be returning to run the event as it did so successfully for more than 25 years.

The sales have been one gigantic mess and huge confusing disappointment since the Silver group left five years ago. So much so that after this year’s performance, collectors, myself included, had decided that we would no longer waste our time attending the function unless the Silver people returned some time in the future to run it.

We are now singing the praises of the Reno city managers for seeing the light and looking forward to next year’s sale with Silver Auctioneers.

Dick Cosgrove

Carson City


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