Nevada, national gas cost directions differ

The pump price for gasoline at 1,130 retail outlets in Nevada averaged $2.86 a gallon in a survey released Monday, a drop of 2.6 cents in a week.

In Carson City, prices on Monday ranged from a low of $2.31 to a high of $2.75, according to GasBuddy. com, while nationally the average blipped up by 2.7 cents a gallon to match Carson City’s low of $2.31.

Pump prices in Nevada by Sunday had reached 53.7 cents a gallon lower than on the same date a year ago and 20.7 cents lower for each gallon than the cost a month earlier, according to the website that monitors gasoline prices.

Most states, though Nevada experienced a drop over the past week, saw prices head higher.

“A majority of states saw gasoline prices jumping over the last week thanks to an upward move in oil prices as well as refinery maintenance season getting underway, constricting gasoline output,” said Patrick DeHaan, a petroleum analyst. He said the jump was led by states in the Midwest.

“North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Oklahoma led with the largest increases,” said DeHaan, “while areas of the West Coast saw continued relief at the pump.”


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