Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015

Remember Helget’s tone the next time she runs

Regarding Lisa Helget’s letter, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada does not just go out and purchase a puppy, it is donated by a friend of the club. These breeders have faith in the club to donate one of their puppies and they know the puppy will not be treated like a sack of potatoes!

It’s a good bet that someone who pays $200 for a ticket or $2,000 for a table, then pays anywhere from $2,000-$4,000 for the animal is going to be a responsible owner. If someone is thinking about adopting, they usually inquire about the breed and plan on that purchase as a donation to the club. Only one time was there buyer’s remorse; the second bidders still have that dog today.

The only ridiculous claim is that you know what the parents of kids in the club drink, “low-fat, extra foam lattes.” I worked at the club, and when the parents brought their children, I don’t recall seeing any of those. I do recall the parents were very appreciative of the produce from the club’s garden tended by the kids.

You have more empathy for puppies than kids. The rest of us can support both. The Boys and Girls Clubs motto, “A positive place for kids,” rings true no matter what you think.

Helget has demonstrated her lack of knowledge about this event — to say nothing of her ignorance on the club itself and the community it serves. Remember her negative tone and lack of understanding the next time she considers a run for office.

Linda Marrone

Carson City


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