Our opinion: Domestic violence is everyone’s problem

The purposes of the Nevada Appeal’s series on the problem of domestic violence in Carson City this past week were obvious: To start a conversation in the community of the problem we have and hopefully help provide solutions.

The work of several agencies, including Advocates to End Domestic Violence and the Carson City Sheriff’s Office is admirable and obviously needed. We’re also glad to see Carson City become proactive in dealing with the issue by forming a task force. Carson City has the resources and the agencies, such as the Ron Wood Center, who can directly and indirectly deal with the issue of domestic violence. We’ve also learned dealing with the issue of drugs and alcohol — particularly alcohol — can go a long way in dealing with the issue of domestic violence.

But no matter how much these agencies do, they can only do so much. When it comes down to it, it’s up to all of us to help stop domestic violence in our community. It may sound crass, but we know Carson City residents take pride in their community and, yes, this is an issue of community pride.

We all want a community we can be proud of and that means a community that has zero tolerance for domestic violence.

Because chances are we know someone — neighbors, friends — who are dealing with domestic violence or the potential of domestic violence and many times have been able to hide the problem.

So when we see signs of domestic violence, we can’t look the other way, or say something like “that’s just the way they are.” We also need to learn how to deal with those situations.

Somebody’s life could depend on it.


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