Lake Tahoe Brewing unveiling Battle Born Beer to mark Nevada Day

Carson City’s Lake Tahoe Brewing is honoring Nevada Day with the launch of Battle Born Beer on Saturday.

“With our roots in Carson City, we wanted to brew a beer fitting for the entire state of Nevada. When we learned that Battle Born Beer was looking for a local brew partner, we immediately knew that we wanted to help the brand live up to its name as Nevada’s beer,” said Michael Candelario, owner of Lake Tahoe Brewing Co.

Battle Born Beer started in 2008, and has been contract-brewed under license by various breweries in and out of Nevada.

“We weren’t brew masters,” said Jeff Pickett, co-founder of Battle Born Beer. “We were just some guys who love beer and Nevada, and we thought Nevada should have its own beer, like Texas has Lone Star. We developed this brew as a simple lager that embodies Nevada’s unpretentious character, and we’re so excited to have finally found the proper home and partner with Lake Tahoe Brewing in Carson City.”

The Nevada Day re-launch will feature Battle Born Beer’s classic 1957 DIVCO milk truck-turned-beer wagon, which will be located at Lake Tahoe Brewing Co.’s Carson City location, 302 N. Carson St., as well as the debut of 12 ounce Battle Born Beer cans.

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