Sandoval wants expedited hearing on vounchers

Gov. Brian Sandoval has asked the attorney general to seek an expedited hearing in the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state’s new educational vouchers law.

“I believe it is in the best interest of the state and our education system to avoid these costly legal battles by seeking an expedited hearing on this matter and, if necessary, a final ruling by the Nevada Supreme Court,” he said referring to the “legal gridlock” created by the lawsuit.

“More than 2,000 Nevada families have applied for an Education Savings Account in order to take control of their child’s future in education,” he said.

“It is clear that parents want the freedom to choose the best school to meet the needs of their students.”

SB302 allows parents to remove their children from public school and take up to $5,000 in state funding to help pay tuition at a private school in the state. The legal challenge was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on grounds the law violates the state constitutional provision barring the use of public money to fund religious organizations. The vast majority of private schools in the state are religious based.

Administration spokesman said when the law was signed it got around that issue by sending the money to the parents, not to the religious schools directly.


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