Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015

God will hold those accountable

Presidential candidate and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made a decision for the state to defund taxpayer monies for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against Louisiana.

The Obama’s U.S. Justice Department supports Planned Parenthood, claiming this action aimed at ousting Planned Parenthood from Louisiana’s Medicaid program violates federal law for lack of sufficient reason.

Louisiana’s de-funding of Planned Parenthood is not only clearly reasonable, but is morally reasonable considering what Planned Parenthood is doing, whether legal or illegal. It is a perfect example of diabolic activity to support their obvious disgusting greed ... like hoping to own a Lamborghini!

This insane activity has been going on voraciously since the initiation of Roe v. Wade, and now America is paying the price for allowing the obvious rejection of the Fifth Commandment of God — thou shalt not kill — to become law.

This is not our only problem. Now that the asinine Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage, America will be subject to more punishment.

As for the members of the Supreme Court who committed this atrocity, my question is: How did you come up with the decision that you are God, rather than the creator, who owns and governs all creation, including you idiots?

Ever hear of the Natural Law? God, the author of same, not only created each of you, via a man and a woman, but will hold you accountable for tampering with his law when he decides to take your lives. Ever heard of hell?

Mary Santomauro



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