Nov. 26, 1963: Jack Ruby indicted for murder

A Dallas grand jury indicted Jack Ruby on charges of murder with malice in the slaying of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of assassinating President Kennedy.

Ruby, a 52-year-old owner of a strip tease nightclub and a dance hall, shot Oswald to death as the man accused of killing Kennedy was being transferred between jails.

The shooting was viewed by newsmen, officers and a nationwide television audience.

Oswald, 24, who spent considerable time in the Soviet Union, died some time after the shooting.

Tom Howard, Ruby’s attorney, has indicated his defense of the highly emotional, hot-tempered nightclub owner will be insanity.

Ruby dashed out of a crowd as the handcuffed Oswald was being transferred from city to county jail, and fired point-blank before anyone could touch him.

Ruby had grieved almost unbearably over the assassination of Kennedy in Dallas Friday, although he was not a man of any strong political persuasion.

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