Carson City business licenses for March

The following Carson City business licenses were filed in March.

A-OK Trailer Court, 2880 Highway 50 E., general business, Michael Woodruff, owner, 775-246-2508.

Advanced Collision & Refinish, 5242 Highway 50 E., general business, Advanced Collision & Refinish, owner, 775-622-7312.

All Around Appliances, 3170 N. Deer Run Road, Suite 5, general business, Shane L. Morrow, owner, 775-430-0171.

Ameristar Capital Mortgage Inc., 701 S. Carson St., suite 200, general business, Ameristar Capital Mortgage Inc., owner, 775-887-0670.

Attic Treasures and Gifts, 5210 Highway 50, Suite C, general business, JFMC LLC, owner, 775-230-4532.

Auto Factory, 1218 S. Carson St., general business, MMK Enterprises LLC, owner, 775-410-2368.

A1 Carpet Repair, 2 Crest Drive, general business, Matthew Stephen Phillips, owner, 775-450-3717.

Baja Mobile Mechanic, 4999 Highway 50 E., general business, Reno Arredono Lopez, owner, 619-886-3968.

Benjamin Franklin Fireplaces, out of town business, Reno, Home Energy Experts Inc., owner, 775-786-4357.

Chaparral Apartments, 616 E. John St., general business, Rosenthal GST LLC, owner, 775-828-1911.

Cili, 701 S. Carson St., Suite 200, general business, Caravan-International Leasing, owner, 775-887-0670.

Cooper Roofing & Solar LLC, out of town business, Reno, Cooper Roofing & Solar LLC, owner, 702-688-7940.

Cowboy’s Liquor, 444 E. William St., general business, Brand Dosanjh LLC, owner, 530-300-2927.

Croft Beck Floors Inc., out of town business, Salt Lake City, Utah, Croft Beck Floors Inc., owner, 801-973-6969.

Cross Country Inspections LLC, out of town business, Las Vegas, Cross Country Inspections LLC, owner, 702-853-0113.

CS Handyman, out of town business, Moundhouse, Caesar Serrano, owner, 775-671-8993.

Deleon, Gwinna F., 4033 Etta Place, general business, Gwinna F. Deleon, owner, 775-901-1922.

Dominick’s Custom Panel Shop, 1269 Valley View Drive, general business, Dominick Macaluso Jr., owner, 775-338-8613.

Dr. Squeegee, out of town business, Moundhouse, Matthew Daley, owner, 775-443-6017.

Dyna Cam, 3160 N. Deer Run Road, general business, David Coward, owner, 775-684-9891.

Energy Masters Inc., out of town business, Reno, Energy Masters Inc., owner, 775-250-9796.

Epic Crossing, 1263 S. Stewart St., general business, April L. Smith, owner, 775-742-2557.

Grady, Cliff MFT, 775 Fleischmann Way, general business, Cliff Grady, owner, 775-315-4259.

Greenleaf Estates LLC, out of town business, Sugar Land, Texas, Greenleaf Estates LLC, owner, 775-887-0670.

ICG Construction LLC, out of town business, Reno, ICG Construction LLC, owner, 775-971-7343.

Johnson Valuation Group Ltd., out of town business, Zephyr Cove, Johnson Valuation Group Ltd., owner, 775-058-4787.

JR’S Janitorial Repair Service, 5225 Grumman Drive, Suite 164, general business, Douglas Ramey, owner, 775-721-5466.

Keiley’s Cleaning Service, out of town business, Reno, Jessica Keiley, owner, 775-857-7919.

KFL Creations, 1609 Marian Ave., general business, Kathleen Landry-Morinaga, owner, 775-220-2588.

La Santaneca, 316 E. Winnie Lane, general business, Jose A. Escobar, owner, 775-671-1020.

Larson, Jill, 503 N. Nevada St., general business, Jill Larson, owner, 775-350-4310.

Lawn City, 861 Colorado St., general business, Roque Salas, owner, 775-230-8455.

Leads to Grow Rich, 444 E. William St., Suite 9, general business, Gary E. Rutherford, owner, 702-428-2569.

Ma’s Juice, 2740 Bunch Way, general business, Misti Lopiccolo, owner, 775-830-3957.

Mark Cook Landscape Maintenance, 1121 Westcreek Lane, general business, Mark Cook, owner, 775-301-2280.

Mastec Network Solutions, out of town business, Sacramento, Calif., Mastec Network Solutions Inc., owner, 916-968-7071.

Mattress Direct Carson, 3160 N. Der Run Road, general business, Nila Gerlett, owner, 775-997-8211.

McClain’s Mobile Music & DJ, out of town business, Dayton, Tracy R. Schroeder, owner, 775-246-4550.

McCleary Carol, 511 E. Long St., general business, Carol McCleary, owner, 623-986-0861.

Medizap LLC, 4010 Technology Way, general business, Medizap LLC, owner, 775-883-1182.

Miller, Cynthia Ann, 123 W. Second St., general business, Cynthia Ann Miller, owner, 775-881-7933.

MSN Communications Inc., out of town business, Sandy, Utah, MSN Communications Inc., owner, 888-321-6227.

Murphy, Devin, 320 N. Carson St., general business, Devron Enterprises Inc., owner, 775-450-7599.

Nevada Firearms Training Academy, 3846 Sweetland Drive, general business, Nevada Firearms Training, owner, 775-722-9746.

One Stop Food Mart, 3150 E. Nye Lane, general business, Bhavneet Corporation, owner, 775-882-1300.

PDI Racing, 3579 Highway 50 E., general business, Russell Landfield, owner, 951-427-7420.

Pho Country, 2495 N. Carson St., general business, Phong T. Tran, owner, 775-220-2010.

Phone Fix Center, 1621 E. William St., Suite E, general business, Game Cozy & Movies LLC, owner, 775-883-9999.

Ponderosa Roofing & Steel Work, 4949 Ponderosa Drive, general business, F&F Industries Inc., owner, 775-230-3642.

Quick and Handy, 2629 Mayflower Way, general business, Adelmiro Perdomo, owner, 775-671-7854.

R.K. Properties, 123 W. Second St., general business, Russell Kelly Fischer, owner, 775-881-7946.

Royal Films, Royal Fun Publishing, 4021 Pheasant Drive, Royalty Entertainment LLC, owner, 775-443-9220.

Seghieri, Alex, 320 N. Carson St., general business, Alex Seghieri, owner, 775-721-9706.

Shawn Nolan Painting, 1544 Harper Drive, general business, Shawn Nolan, owner, 775-315-6691.

Shear Designs, 444 E. William St., Suite 16, general business, Caresse D. Williams, owner, 775-882-4700.

Sierra’s Cakes and Cookies, 548 Briarwood Drive, general business, Sierra H. Ashby, owner, 503-435-7764.

Silver State AV, 4733 Conte Drive, general business, Steven Mitchell Earle, owner, 775-230-5128.

Simple Fare LLC, 449 W. King St., general business, Simple Fare LLC, owner, 775-544-8399.

Tahoe Hydroponics Company LLC, 3535 Arrowhead Drive, general business, Tahoe Hydroponics Company LLC, owner, 775-882-3300.

Talents Athletic Center LLC, 2749 N. Carson St., Suite 160, general business, Talents Athletic Center LLC, owner, 775-220-8610.

The Identity Company, 4010 Technology Way, general business, Elemis Corporation, owner, 775-883-1182.

Thompson, Connie, 503 N. Nevada St., general business, Connie Thompson, owner, 775-335-9969.

Treadaway, William, 392 Parkhill Drive, general business, William Treadaway, owner, 775-220-2431.

Wendy’s, 2555 N. Carson St., general business, Wenco Partners LLC, owner, 775-883-4762.

Zamorano’s Handyman Services, out of town business, Reno, Blanca Zamorano, owner, 775-237-9121.

1855 Distributors LLC, out of town business, Sparks, 1855 Distributors LLC, owner, 702-586-7854.


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