Then and now, Carson Bypass takes shape

The final leg of the Carson Bypass is slowly taking shape between Fairview Drive and the Spooner Junction. But even through a steady stream of trucks and a huge conveyor belt have removed three-quarters of a million cubic yards of dirt from the route, the remaining pile of earth seems nearly endless. The work will take another year to complete the four-lane freeway. Work is continuing on the sound walls that will turn portions of the route into what Project Manager Will Helickson, of Road and Highway Builders, said will be “a concrete canyon,” cutting off views of the hills to the south and west for some residents. The contract for the four-miles stretch of road is more than $42 million. Two photos taken from the Clearview Drive bridge show the progress of the work. Above (through fence) was taken on July 6, 2015, and the other Monday.


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