Students learn global acumen

Students from the University of Nevada College of Business participated in  four global business trips this summer.

Students from the University of Nevada College of Business participated in four global business trips this summer.

Business leaders with experience in the global marketplace aren’t easy to come by. According to Jim McClenahan, the director of corporate relations and outreach in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno, it is that experience that really sets professionals apart.

“In this day and age, chances are the people you are communicating with, either within your own company or with vendors and outside agencies, aren’t from the United States,” McClenahan said. “Our goal is to offer international programs that provide students an advantage in the global economy as well as in their job search.”

McClenahan, along with College of Business faculty and administration, facilitated four business-centric international programs for undergraduate and graduate students this summer. Students visited Toronto, Canada; New York City, New York; London, England and Switzerland.

In Toronto, 15 undergraduate and graduate students were accompanied by McClenahan and College of Business Dean Greg Mosier. Students stayed for a week at the University of Toronto while learning about the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Canada, the world’s largest bilateral trading partnership. With a variety of Nevada business connections, including Barrick Gold and Spin Master Toys, students were able to meet alumni from the University and hear their perspectives on international business.

Leadership through Art and Culture in New York City is a program designed to help apply humanities to business concepts and theories. Students prepared to appreciate New York City’s global cultural environment by completing humanities-based case studies with connections to management and leadership beforehand. This year, students focused on the intersection of design and leadership. Co-taught by Jim Sundali, College of Business professor of strategic management, and Colin Robertson, the former Charles N. Mathewson Curator of Education at the Nevada Museum of Art, students visited the National Design Museum, evaluating concepts of design and learning how to apply those in business.

“Exploring the arts and culture from a business perspective is unique, which is part of the reason I was so interested in this class” Elton Colbert, a University master’s in business administration student, said. “Even if you don’t end up as a business leader, the relationships you build on a trip like this are much more substantial than those you build over a semester in a classroom.”

Held in partnership with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Lee School of Business, the summer program in London offers seven undergraduate students from each institution the opportunity to learn about international trade and business law. Taught by McClenahan and Brent Hathaway, dean at the Lee Business School, this year offered an exceptional case study: the British Exit from the European Union. In addition to meeting with companies like International Gaming Technologies and Server Technologies, students were able to discuss what the Brexit meant to expatriates, as well as to the companies they were working for.

“Events like this always have lasting impact on global markets and eventually make their way into text books,” McClenahan said. “For the students who participated in the program this year, they witnessed a global event and were able to talk to people firsthand about the impacts, results and concerns moving forward.”

In addition to the undergraduate program, an MBA course was also held for students in London this summer.

“I would definitely recommend this program to any and all students interested in business,” Christine Adelaja, a second-year MBA student said. “This program was an amazing experience, where you are given the opportunity to interact with companies who have worked immensely hard to create a strong international presence.”

Rounding out this summer’s programs was a two-week program in Mindful Leadership and Business in Switzerland. The class was by the College of Business’s Yvonne Stedham, professor of managerial sciences, and Sonja Pippin, associate professor in accounting and information systems. Five University students attended the trip, which offered visits with students and faculty at the Bern University of Applied Sciences and meetings with business professionals in Lugano, Switzerland.

All four programs are offered for class credit through The College of Business and University Extended Studies. With a 20 percent average yearly growth rate increasing demand, the College of Business will be launching two more programs this year. One will take place in Sydney, Australia over spring break and the other in Singapore, over Wintermester.

To learn more about the Nevada Global Business Programs presented by the College of Business and Extended Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Lee Business School, email or visit the Summer Study Opportunities web page. The programs are open to all University majors and scholarships are available.

Photo cutline: The University’s College of Business lead four global business trips this summer including one to Toronto, Canada.


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