The Popcorn Stand: Media coverage of campaign is like a Bond movie

In my latest the media aren’t doing their job covering the presidential campaign like Trump and Clinton are both Bond villains or something or other take, I think the media hit a new low this past week.

Full disclosure. As I’ve said before, not a big Donald Trump fan, who I repeat is the Howard Cosell of politics. Trump is an insecure man with a big ego who has to have everybody tell him how great he is and if you don’t, he’ll tell you how great he is.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand reminds me of the mom in the neighborhood who tries just a little too hard to be the most popular mom in the neighborhood.

But as Paul said of the sinners I’m chief because I’ve just tried to point out something about each candidate I don’t like.

So it’s come to this. The most accurate portrayal of Trump and Hillary in the media may be the two cartoon caricatures who have appeared on the Stephen Colbert Show. Look them up on YouTube, they’re actually hilarious.

As far as the media are concerned, I looked earlier this week at the main headline on the CNN website that stated there’s questions about Trump’s health. Silly me, I took that headline literally to mean there’s questions about Trump’s health.

Actually Trump’s doctor wrote him a note much like Hillary, the popular mom would write Chelsea a note, that stated Trump was the healthiest human being in the history of mankind or something or other.

So the headline should have stated something to the effect Trump’s doctor exaggerated just how healthy he is, not imply he could be unhealthy.

Meanwhile the Associated Press has come under fire and rightfully so for its “analysis” connecting the Clinton Foundation with the people Clinton met with while she was Secretary of State. Never mind a number of them were people Clinton would have met with anyway since she was, you know, the Secretary of State.

Thanks to the media who don’t provide any filter, people really lack perspective when it comes to what they believe about Hillary and Trump.

I think I’ll just watch a James Bond movie.

— Charles Whisnand


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