Suck it up, Buttercup

Enough already. The election is over. Donald Trump is the president-elect by all accounts. Yet like whiny kindergartners on a recess playground, there is a group that refuses to accept the election results.

That group composes mainly of certain media figures, Hollywood stars, college students and sadly enough college professors. Rather than accepting the results, they protest, and whine to anyone who will listen. In true liberal fashion; since the outcome doesn’t suit them, they resort to name calling. A common one is calling anyone who supported Trump uneducated, racist, or sexist.

If that is their definition of uneducated, I want no part of higher education. Oh, wait, I have a college degree. Thankfully, I obtained mine when something was actually taught besides micro-aggressions. I don’t remember a safe zone, cry zone, or having tests delayed because of Richard Nixon or Gerald Ford. I know, I am dating myself, but then a college degree meant something. Today it is too often an excuse to avoid unemployment.

Their idea of a fair election is apparently one where their candidate is elected. No one else’s opinion matters. Never mind that there has been no indication of racist or sexist activity from the Trump transition team. In fact, his choices for cabinet positions and those who are under consideration of others includes all races and both genders. Oops, that is insensitive, I might have offended someone who is gender-confused.

So what are these people so afraid of? I submit that they are afraid their quasi-socialist positions and programs will be exposed for the fraud they are. High taxes, more government regulation, and larger government “assistance” don’t work over the long term. That is not what they want the American public to figure out. Witness Trump keeping most of Carrier Air Conditioning jobs here. If you remember, Obama said during the campaign that it couldn’t be done. Ford has also opted to keep jobs in the U.S. instead of Mexico. One campaign promise on its way to being kept.

Let’s be real. The Democrat candidate just didn’t have a message. The only message I saw was along the lines of “Trump is terrible,” “I am a woman” and “It’s my turn.” She never connected with the voters, except the snowflake crowd and the media. The only time she resonated with voters was when she called Trump supporters a basket of deplorables. If nothing else, she is definitely an elitist.

“But she won the popular vote” is a common cry. Yes, she did, but if that were the way the election is decided then campaigns would be handled differently. It would only be necessary to campaign in the northeastern states, California, and Texas. If I remember correctly, Trump never visited California after the primary as he viewed it a lost cause for electoral votes. Under a popular vote system, he would have tried to woo those California conservatives.

The media, college students, and professors act like they have never heard of the Electoral College. Well, maybe they haven’t. High schools too often don’t teach about the kind of government that we have. Ask high school or college students what kind of government we have and most will answer, “A democracy.” Sadly, they don’t understand the difference between a democracy and a democratic republic. There are obvious pitfalls with a democracy.

I remember when Obama was elected. Both times Republicans and conservatives were dismayed. However, I don’t recall any protests or cry zones then. We just accepted the results and went to work trying to fix the damage. We didn’t try to undermine his presidency before he was even sworn in, like the media is with Trump.

An Iowa state lawmaker has submitted a bill that would remove state funding from any university or college in the state that provided safe spaces, cry zones, or exam delays over Trump’s victory. He calls it the “Suck it up, buttercup” bill. You have got to love Midwestern practicality.

Those who are down about the election need to get a grip. Quit the name-calling and protesting. Quit undermining the result. Move out of the cry zone. Act like the adult you are supposed to be. No, it didn’t work out for you this time. There will be more elections, and more chances.

I remember Obama saying after his election, “We won, you lost.” There you have it from your own idol. We won, you lost. Deal with it. Grow up. Suck it up, Buttercup

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