Real life success stories from the president-elect

In order to make America great again, we need to once again celebrate and champion success, rather than disparage, demean and ridicule it.

While best known for his “The Art of the Deal” book in 1987, Donald Trump authored another book in 2004, “Think Like a Billionaire.” I picked up and read a copy last week.

Here are some specially-selected (read the full version of this column here: words-of-wisdom from the book that our kids and grandkids should read about how to succeed in life and business…

“If you’re finding that you don’t love your job…fire yourself and go do something else. Life’s too short and work’s too important to stick around in a situation that’s not working ... Once you know you love your job, never stop and never give up. If you have a concrete wall in front of you, you must go through it.”

Unless, of course, that concrete wall is on the border with Mexico!

“Billionaires don’t care what the odds are. We don’t listen to common sense or do what’s conventional or expected. We follow our vision, no matter how crazy or idiotic other people think it is.”

Anyone remember how crazy and idiotic many people thought the notion of Trump running for president was? Not so crazy and idiotic now, is it?

Here’s a good one for millenials in college…

“Don’t gripe about having to work during school. It will be better for you in the long run, not only for your finances but for your character. You will graduate with a top-drawer education and work experience to boot.”

Here’s an even better one for Liberal Arts and Women’s Studies majors ...

“It’s also wise to consider from an early age what professions pay well, and plan accordingly.”

And, um, about getting that job…

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I can’t stand to see the way some people dress for work these days. It’s criminal. If anyone comes into my office in sneakers, or ripped clothing, or attire that looks like it belongs in a nightclub, I just can’t take him or her seriously. People want to do business with people who look good, and if you look like crap, you’re not going anywhere.”

Many a worker needs an attitude adjustment, as well…

“If, during the workweek, all you can think about is how many hours and minutes there are until the weekend, you’ll never be a billionaire. You’ll never even be a millionaire, most likely. I hate the phrase ‘TGIF,’ and if you want to think like me, you should hate it, too.

So what are you waiting for? Help make America great again by changing some things in your own life to make YOU great again.

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