Past Pages for Friday, Feb. 5, 2016

150 years ago

Dancers should remember that Mr. Thomas Brotherhood’s soirée takes place this evening at Armory Hall. The price of admission is fixed at the low price of one dollar and a half. The pupils are admonished to be in attendance at half past six o’clock to receive their lessons.

130 years ago

At 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Doc. Benton and Sheriff Crisler were coming into town by the State Prison road near the Orphan’s Home when the team shied at a fallen tree and upset the buggy, throwing its occupants violently to the ground. Crisler lit on his feet, but Benton sustained serious injuries. Dr. Lee was called and found Benton’s right leg broken and his shoulder dislocated.

100 years ago

Many new features will be added this year to the “Prospector’s short course,” which began at the university this morning and continues through February.

70 years ago

Bill Awbrey, son of County Commissioner and Mrs. John Savage, was last night named as one of the Carson City Scouts who will take over the duties of attorney general.

50 years ago

When Dr. Richard Grundy was elected president of the Carson City Rotary 32 weeks ago, he told the members of the first meeting he presided that if he gets 100 percent attendance, he’ll donate $50 to the boys and girls fund. It took 32 weeks. Grundy donated the $50 in dimes.

30 years ago

A report issued last week from the Division of Environmental Protection is advising children and pregnant women to avoid eating fish caught in the Carson River system below Lyon County’s community of Dayton.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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