Past Pages for Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016

150 years ago

Dr. Munckton, who introduced the bill into the Assembly providing for the incorporation of Carson City, yesterday withdrew the same. This is the best disposition, there being notably a very large majority of our taxpayers opposed to the proposition to erect a town or city government here. We do hope, however, that something be done by the Legislature that will enable us to put our streets in better repair.

130 years ago

The Enterprise gives a sad picture of J.I Ayers and E.S. Gould, formerly connected with the North Carson Mine, and says they were under a strange hoodo for having been connected with the mine. The Enterprise had better look over the list of Comstock mining men who are now wandering refugees, outcasts inebriated, insane patients and immersed who years ago were guilt edged mine managers and superintendents. It was not the mines that brought them down nor any hoodoo, but most probably the big head and too much Washoe Club whiskey.

100 years ago

Tonight the Grand will feature “The Queen of the Jungle Land” — A thrilling wild animal production in three acts. Amazing adventures in the jungles of Africa, full of action and thrills, featuring the queen of the bungle, Edyth Sterling.

70 years ago

Norwegian war hero Einar Skinnarland skimmed across the snow yesterday afternoon in the face of a raging blizzard to cop first place in the 11-mile Snowshoe Thompson cross country race. His time was approximately one hour and eight minutes.

50 years ago

Scores of workmen are scurrying feverishly about the Carson Mall putting the finishing touches on what promises to be one of Western Nevada’s most imaginative shopping centers.

30 years ago

Warmer temperatures seemed to have taken the edge off Carson City residents’ dispositions as they spent the day buying groceries, manufactured logs and heaters. And although they were out of hot water, a stove, heat or a combination of the three, many took it in stride as a minor inconvenience.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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