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Dr. Jason Champagne

Dr. Jason Champagne

Champagne Family Dentistry isn’t your typical dentist office.

Most private practices have one or two primary dentists in the office. But at Champagne Family Dentistry, they have grown to nearly a dozen dentists and 60 staff members who serve their more than 11,000 active patients.

“The biggest impact of the growth is increased collaboration with the doctors,” Dr. Jason Champagne, a dentist and CEO of Champagne Family Dentistry, said.

This model allows all of the dentists to collaborate in a grand rounds style allowing them to provide the best care for their patients.

“One of my missions in the collaboration model is not just sharing ideas, which all dentists benefit from, but to benefit the patients as well,” Dr. Champagne said. “All of our patients have many doctors and all of the doctors work very closely together.”

The model is also beneficial to female dentists at a time when an increasing number of women are graduating from dental schools.

“On both national and local levels, we are seeing a shift in gender, with more and more women becoming dentists,” Dr. Champagne said. “Recent data also suggests that the majority of female dentists are under the age of 44, perfectly coinciding with the age that women are having children. Not all female dentists want children, but those who do often struggle to start a family while working in a traditional practice that has one or two dentists. The way our practice is set up … is conducive to women who want children so they have more flexibility to go on maternity leave without losing patients and can pick right back up where they left off.”

However, the business didn’t start out with this model.

Jason’s father, Dr. Larry Champagne, opened a solo practice in 1976. Jason joined his father’s practice after earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in 2001.

In 2007, Jason’s brother Dr. Drew Champagne and Jason’s wife, Dr. Cariann Champagne, joined the practice. Due to the increase of doctors they moved into their current 9,500-square-foot building, which has 25 dentist chairs and is located at 735 Sparks Blvd.

“I have a great relationship with my father, brother and of course my wife,” Jason said. “I enjoy working with people I love.”

With the addition of Cariann, the practice was able to provide pediatric dentistry along with their general dentistry services.

“We treat patients from one-years-old to as old as they come,” Jason said

As the number of patients increased so did the need for more dentists.

“As the patient base continued to grow it became more of a challenge to serve all of our patients,” Jason said.

Today they have 11 dentists including a dentist who specializes in endodontics, or root canals.

Jason also created an overarching business called Trusted Dental Partners, which owns Champagne Family Dentistry. This management company is designed to handle all of the non-dental aspects of the company such as its financial, accounting and human resources departments. The company also oversees Modern Endodontics, a Carson City dentist office which specializes in endodontics and oral surgery.

Trusted Dental Partners currently has approximately 70 employees.

Jason anticipates that the practice will continue to grow as the region’s population increases.

“As a native Nevadan, I am very excited about the growth in the upcoming years,” Jason said.


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