Letters to the editor for Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dismissal of charges against Clinton is raising eyebrows

Over the past year or so, the FBI has been investigating Hillary Clinton for the apparent flaunting of laws, regulations and rules governing the use of government email and the handling of highly sensitive, and classified USA secret security information.

In late June 2016 former President Bill Clinton had an unethical private meeting with Attorney General Lynch, (overall boss of the FBI). This lasting for a half hour in which they supposedly only discussed grandchildren and golf scores.

Around July 1, President Obama lets it be known that he would be campaigning for Hillary Clinton’s run for president on July 5.

On July 3, Hillary Clinton has an over-three-hour interview with FBI agents in regards to their investigation of her email and mishandling of highly classified information.

On July 5, Director Comey of the FBI announces that no problems were found, other than total carelessness in Hillary Clinton’s handling of email and classified materials.

On July 6, Attorney General Lynch states that the Clinton investigation is now closed, and no charges will be forthcoming.

Other possible presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, have been saying the political system is rigged and fixed. How true.

I guess if Hillary gets elected we know who will be retained as Attorney General and Director of the FBI.

And the Nixon Presidency was considered corrupt.

George Gerlach



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