Letters to the editor for Thursday, June 9, 2016

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Vote Meyer for mayor

If you are undecided and want to see a fresh new look in the way the city is managed, Kurt Meyer would make an excellent choice for mayor. He brings a wealth of experience in city government and one of his best attributes is the willingness to listen to the will of the people prior to decisions being made. Despite the controversy in the past regarding the downtown revitalization project, now that it has become a reality, we must ensure that a person is elected that can make it work to protect our public investment. Kurt Meyer is a person who can make that happen.

During his tenure as a city employee, he demonstrated that he is a person that will make himself available to listen to your concerns and will give you a voice in community affairs. One of his major concerns is the infrastructure of the city, and he shows a willingness and awareness to make that a high priority. With a strong background in recreation, he also gives us assurances that he will maintain and protect the many facilities enjoyed by the public. He has gained invaluable experience in the management of city budgets and planning, and will invite and encourage citizens to participate in government affairs through public input.

Mr. Meyer has also demonstrated his genuine care for our great city by his volunteer work in many venues. He would make an excellent choice for leadership in the future.

Doug Sever

Carson City

Las Vegas should stay out of Carson City politics

A Las Vegas call was telling me to vote for P.K. O’Neill. Las Vegas is not Assembly District 40 in the Carson City area. We do not need Las Vegas telling Carson City who to vote for.

David Schoeppler

Carson City


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