Letters to the editor for Sunday, May 8, 2016

Republican ideologues are dysfunctional

The Carson City Republican Party executive board’s decision to remove Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill from the Carson chapter of the party illustrates just how dysfunctional and disconnected from reality Republican ideologues are. Does the party really simply stand for no new taxes, period? Do they consider it an unpardonable abrogation of one’s pledge to oppose new taxes to vote for them when no viable alternative has been proposed? Apparently so.

Despite his Republican persuasion toward limiting the scope and cost of government, when faced with the reality of overcrowded and underfunded schools P.K. O’Neill voted to support public education. Article II of the Nevada Constitution requires the legislature to support a system of public schools. Section 6 states, “The legislature shall provide for their support and maintenance by direct legislative appropriation from the general fund, upon the presentation of budgets in the manner required by law.”

Rather than skewer one of their own for voting pragmatism over principle, perhaps the chapter could offer realistic alternatives to funding the essential government services our legislators are required to provide.

Tom Johnson

Carson City

America is changing ... as usual

Fred LaSor complains about ‘the country I used to know.’ Transgender people, gay marriage, the $20 bill, outrage at campus graffiti, and socialism! Poor Mr. LaSor! What he fails to realize is the country he used to know has been changing for a long time now, and he’s only now realizing it.

Yes, there are people born biologically one gender, but are psychologically the other. You don’t “feel like a woman.” You are a woman, but born into the wrong body. Be glad you’ve never been in such a condition. And, yes, marriage is changing. Once a man could marry a woman, and another woman, and two others, their sister, and their slaves in the Bible.

As a Democrat, I’m glad to get rid of Jackson from the $20. The man was a rampant bigot. I’d love Tubman on the front and Eleanor Roosevelt on the back. And, yes, if you are Hispanic, black, female, Jewish, or sane, you’d view “Trump 2016” graffiti with the same concern that a German would a swastika in 1930. How wonderful Mr. LaSor is not a minority targeted by Trump’s vitriol. And, yes, Socialism is also on the rise because Wall Street’s crony capitalism has left millions of millennials frustrated and poorer than their parents and grandparents, while enriching billionaires like Trump. I feel pity that he fails to realize this, falling into ignorance that has gutted America’s middle class.

America has always been dynamically changing. It’s just now that Mr. LaSor is realizing it.

David Bushey


Keep name calling out of local elections

During the ongoing current election season, I have heard and seen several disparaging remarks and articles about the Douglas County Community and Senior Center. Let me clarify one point. The voters of Douglas County turned down two tax increases which included several county projects, one of which happened to be a new senior center. Tax increases have never been popular with Douglas County voters, and as was expected, they were both defeated.

I am a regular attendee at the Community and Senior Center, and I make it a point to ask seniors about their likes and dislikes concerning the facilities and services. I almost never hear a negative comment. If anything, I get recommendations on the possibilities of expanding the existing facilities and services.

Criticizing the staff which run the facilities is certainly inappropriate. These Douglas County employees are the “cream of the crop” who are dedicated to providing outstanding, educational and healthful activities for those who use the facilities, especially for seniors and juveniles. The center provides recreational activities for juveniles which steers them away from delinquent acts. The seniors who use the center have throughout their lives, most assuredly, earned and deserve these services. The Douglas County seniors have also provided unlimited volunteer hours to various county and service organizations in addition to being an important source of tax income for the county.

Calling Douglas County employees, seniors or anyone unflattering names has no place in our county elections.

Paul Lockwood


Local organizations, leaders enriching community

On May 1, I experienced 27 miles of “Right On, Carson City” as I biked the Tour of Carson City, generously sponsored by Denis Coyne, owner of Bike Habitat, on behalf of Muscle-Powered, our local, dynamic walk-hike-bike organization.

I was first struck by how many free recreation outlets there are. The gray and blue recreation area markers abound, showing the results of the Quality of Life Initiative passed years ago.

Next, several miles along Arrowhead Drive showed the burgeoning manufacturing community growing from collaboration among NNDA, the city, and manufacturers themselves. It is exciting to see all those primary jobs.

Then came the Carson Tahoe health care campus, looking majestic and capable. Next, I was riding along the back door of the Western Nevada College campus.

Well done to the thoughtful leaders who supported the Governor’s education plan so that K-12 students can thrive here.

Although we now reside in Douglas County, my husband Ernie and I have offices in Carson and do a lot of spending in the community. We also spend time in Petaluma, Calif., a community whose downtown has made similar investments to those we see happening here now, with the result being a wealth of shops, restaurants, art galleries, and the hum of activity.

The point is, it was a great day to be on a bike, and in so doing I couldn’t help but notice what a fine job citizen organizations and community leaders are doing all around us.

Sarah Mersereau-Adler

Douglas County

Downtown renovations are essential

I wanted to thank Andie Wilson and Aaron West for letters on May 1. There is so much talk going through this community of ours regarding the downtown project and the taxes that go along with that. I get it. Nobody likes to spend money, but it’s one of the necessities of life.

There is an old saying, “If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.” As Ms. Wilson stated, 70 percent of the expenditures in the downtown project were for infrastructure improvements. I’m in agreement ... the investment in the water and sewer lines under Carson Street were as critical as police and fire services. The alternative was to wait for it to break down completely, then scramble to try to fix it on the fly at a much higher cost.

I applaud Mayor Bob Crowell, Supervisors Brad Bonkowski, Karen Abowd, and Lori Bagwell for stepping up and making some tough and sometimes unpopular decisions. They are elected officials who are doing what they were elected to do, to safeguard the general health, welfare and safety of its citizens. For those that would rather see our city slowly disintegrate, please step out of the way.

Chris Utley

Carson City


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