Nevada Appeal readers share thoughts about their moms on Mother’s Day

Betty Clements and her daughters, Rhonda, Ashley and Melissa.

Betty Clements and her daughters, Rhonda, Ashley and Melissa.

Thank you, mom, for gift of love and patience

Mom (Betty Clements),

Recently you were asked, what makes a good mom? You shared with us quite a few things, but love and patience stuck out the most. With patience being an awesome quality you carry, we often wonder, “Wow! How does she do it?”

With that being said, it has always been a goal of ours to be just like Mom! You are our rock in so many ways. We are intrigued by your patience: It is a gift you carry. Your deep care and love for us is felt with every phone call of, “How are you, baby?”

Words couldn’t possibly express how grateful we are to have been blessed with such an awesome mom! You’re especially nurturing, loving and giving. You’ve held and comforted us through all our trials and have been a friend at all times. Your laid-back approach to life has taught us to just shrug it off and not always take things so seriously. You have an inspiring boldness that compliments your humor and works like a magnet attracting people to you.

We definitely inherited our strong will from you; for when you decide you’re going to do something, nothing can stop you. We honestly couldn’t ask for a better mom, You’re simply the best! You have all of what it takes to be a good mom, and we hit the jackpot when we got you! You’re irreplaceable.

We love you so much! Thank you for being you!

Love, your daughters,

Rhonda, Ashley, and Melissa

Carson City

Mom was one of a kind

When I was growing up our house was always filled with cheerful laughter and lots of love. No matter what time of the year it was, Mom always made me happy.

Every year on my birthday she would make me a cake, banana nut with whipped cream was my favorite.

Mom made Christmas special. She would make her famous fruitcake and lots of sugar cookies. Somehow Santa always knew what I wanted for Christmas. Thank you, Mom, for all your loving ways.

In the family album of the heart I have this everlasting memory of my mom. She was one of a kind.

Donna Batis-Wungnema

Carson City

Family thankful for loving mother

Our mother, Lois Bezilla, was the most kind, caring, thoughtful, unselfish mother in the whole wide world. She loved each and every one of us. She taught her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren right from wrong. Even when we thought we knew everything, she would not give up teaching us. Her heart was big as the moon, she would forgive us all when we did wrong, and somehow love us at the same time. It takes a special mother to do these things, and we all were so fortunate to have her as our mother.

Our hearts are broken, but mending very slowly. We all love you, mama, and miss you so much. As our Uncle Tom would say, bye for now.

Ladena Bezilla and family

Carson City

A dear mother

There is a very special bond between a child and their mother

That transcends time and distance which is truly like no other

God gives to us a dear mother who is there to love and to guide

A precious loving being who is always on your side.

Our God created mothers for he knew right from the start

That every little one is in need of a mother with a loving, caring heart.

From the very first moment she held her precious one so dear

Not time nor space could ever erase her loving heart that draws them near.

Every child that God gives to us is a blessing from our father above

It is a mother’s charge in life to teach them of his perfect love.

The moment she held that little one and all the years that have gone by

They’re filled with precious memories that at times will make her cry

She has nurtured and cared for them as only a mother can

And we thank our loving God for her

That she was part of his plan.

May God always shower you with joy and happiness

With his blessings from above

For being the wonderful mother that you are

That you are so deserving of.

No matter what stage in life or heartaches that come her way

You have the heart of a dear mother that will never fade away

A dear mother is a special treasure to behold

Her kind and gentle spirit will never grow old.

May God always bless a dear mother!

Pat Rikalo

Carson City

Happy Mother’s Day

You know who you are?

You’ll always be a mother

Whether near or afar

We nurture, we love them

Right from the start.

Our children are special

It begins in our heart.

Now, I’m going to say this

It is very true

We don’t always like them

But love them we do.

This mother thing isn’t

Wrapped up in a day.

It really is a feeling

That won’t go away.

Now, you might be a mom

To a dog or a cat,

That’s just as special

And that’s a fact.

Our hats are now off

To you we do a toast

To moms everywhere

You are the most!

Jenny Schnabel

Carson City


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