Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Program helps immigrants advance, become citizens

Responding to Paul Johnson’s commentary, he states, “Nevada’s poor performing schools perform poorly because a large percentage of their students have limited English language skills and are living in low-income, single parent households.” So true!

He goes onto state: “Research has consistently shown the largest factor that influences student success in school is parental involvement.” Once again, so true! And this is where the ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada comes in.

The ESL In-Home Program teaches English language skills to the non-English speaking parents of school children at no cost. Immigrant parents progress in English and, as a result, they find jobs, advance in employment, enroll in higher education, become U.S. citizens, and help their children with homework and other school activities.

All we need is more tutors to reduce our huge wait list of more than 200 adults living in Carson City who are anxious to learn. Commitment is 1-2 hours/week.

We are a nonprofit, non-funded volunteer service organization who relies on volunteer tutors as well as donations to purchase the instructional material we use to start new students from our wait list. Since its existence in 2004, our program has helped more than 5,000 adults and their families; 206 are now U.S. citizens, 51 more are studying for the citizenship exam. ESL teachers thank us for the help their ESL children are receiving at home from their parents, who have become role models. They say this makes their classes run smoother. Need more information? Check our website: www.eslinhome.org, or call 775-888-2021, or Email: eslinhomenv@aol.com.

Florence G. Phillips

Executive director of ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada


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