Letters to the editor for Friday, May 13, 2016

West side residents oppose Vintage project

On April 27, Appeal reporter Anne Knowles wrote a story about “The Vintage at Kings Canyon” development. In that story, Anne seems to give the impression that some sort of agreement has been reached between the developer and a tiny handful of carefully chosen “neighbors.”

There was no such agreement. In fact, the citizens and neighbors, not on the developers hand selected “Citizens Advisory Board,” are very much opposed to this development.

Carson City residents reading that report may be mislead in regards to the current state of “Vintage” development.

Michael Tipton

Carson City

Columnist had it right

Regarding “The Country I Do Know,” Rick Van Alfen’s guest column of Saturday, May 7, “Hear, hear!”

I couldn’t have stated it better myself. Thank you from all of us conservatives and liberals alike who believe in common sense, progress, and personal freedom ... for all! Please run for something so I can vote for you.

Steve Browne

Carson City


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