The Popcorn Stand: Be safe this Memorial Day weekend

All signs point to summer: The weather is getting warmer, the kids are out of school and Memorial Day weekend is here.

We will use today’s Popcorn Stand to remind you to be safe this holiday weekend.

This is expected to be the second highest travel weekend ever for Memorial Day weekend. Millions of Americans will hit the roads and many will be traveling more than 50 miles. Fifty miles may not seem like that long of a trip, but no matter how long the trip remember to be prepared.

Just show common sense. You know the drill. Water. food. first aid. whatever you should bring for a long trip. Take turns when driving, switch off every 200 miles or so, if not sooner.

And if your flying, we’ve all heard the horror stories about the TSA shortages, although TSA is beefing up for Memorial Day. So you those of you who are flying also know the drill. Make all the arrangements necessary to make your trip as less frustrating as possible.

Camping. Put out fires. You know the drill. Just be safe out there.

And if you’re not at a Memorial Day service, remember to take a moment yourself at 3 p.m. Monday to recognize the National Moment of Remembrance to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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