Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016

Dodgeball game gives little thought to domestic violence victims

I was very confused after reading about how our DA’s office is going to play dodgeball to increase awareness of domestic violence. Dodgeball? The violent game feared by nerds everywhere, favored by bullies, where players gleefully “bean” their opponents with balls.

As a workplace psychologist, my inclination in this particular context would’ve been to promote “camaraderie” with a non-violent game. I’ve had many discussions with my friends and neighbors in Carson City and found other surprises — such as our under-age youth selling wine tickets to raise money for their team. What’s the next ironic fundraiser — holding a chili cook off for eating disorders? A home make-over raffle for the homeless? A wet T-shirt contest for breast cancer research? A haunted house to support our vets with PTSD? Ouch, this is starting to sting.

Context matters. We are a creative and giving community and we can do better. We can raise funds that share the love in supportive and compassionate ways.

Dr. Jennifer Verive

Carson City


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