Past Pages for Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016

150 Years Ago

Freak of lightning: Zanesville Ohio Courier — James Hoge, operator in the Western Union Telegraph office, was telegraphing a message when he was startled by noticing on the switchboard a sheet of lightning about four inches wide and ten inches long. It flashed and instantly disappeared without damaging anything in the office. Immediately thereafter it was discovered that the electric fluid had passed into the adjoining hall and had struck a gas pipe, perforating it — and fired the gas that was put out quickly. There was scarcely an appearance of a storm at the time, and the whole case a very curious one.

130 Years Ago

Prince of Wales: The Prince of Wales intends to marry his oldest son to an American girl. This is to prevent, as some maliciously say, the royal stock from degenerating.

110 Years Ago

Sidewalk a menace: The wooden sidewalk at the stables on Third Street is dangerous. The broken planks fly up and when stepped upon, threaten to precipitate the pedestrian. Holes and pitfalls are too numerous to be counted. If a new walk cannot be put in, the planks should be taken up so the passer-by can walk on solid ground.

70 Years Ago

Sale of Appeal: Arthur N. Suverkrup has purchased the Nevada Appeal according to Wesley L. Davis, Jr. Davis has owned the paper since 1943 when he purchased it from the Mighels family who had owned it since pioneer days.

50 Years Ago

Births at Carson-Tahoe Hospital: To Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kastens a girl, Sharon Lee.

20 Years Ago

Dolls: More than 100 dolls are on display at the Children’s Museum. “Comics, Characters and Cartoons” — Circa 1930’s is a collection that includes pieces from the Shoentlut Circus. Dolls include Groucho Marx and George Burns enjoying a stogie together ...

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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