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Is Nevada a blue state?


There are 17 counties in Nevada — two blue, Clark and Washoe. Their majority vote was for Hillary Clinton. The other 15 counties red, their majority vote was for Donald Trump.Population versus area maybe we’re kind of orange.

Carl Bolton

Carson City

Thanks for Everything


My name is Shirley McDermott of Cliff Bros Ranch in Washoe Valley. During the Little Valley Fire that started about 2 a.m. on October 15, I lost everything.

Due to a flare-up from a controlled burn and a strong wind, all of my treasured possessions and memorabilia belonging to the late Norman and Donald Cliff, plus the family’s historic barns built during the Comstock days, the equipment shop including tractors,four-wheeler and trucks, plus 55 tons of chopped hay and 3,300 bales of grass hay were all turned to ash. My pregnant cows and last spring’s calves escaped the blaze because they were on a pasture that did not burn.

Since that time, friends and people I don’t even know have come to my aid in this time of horror, emptiness and distress. They have helped with hay, food, labor and money. This letter is my attempt to thank you all for your generosity, for your open hearts, and to let you know that your beautiful souls have reopened mine.

(Editor’s note: Ms. McDermott also received assistance from Fallon farmers.)

Shirley McDermott

Washoe Valley

Move forward under Trump


At last, the long Obama nightmare is over. No more degrading of police officers. No more weakening of the military and neglect of veterans. No more open invitations to illegal aliens. No more wielding of government agencies to persecute law abiding citizens. No more unfair trade agreements resulting in fewer jobs for American workers. No more stonewalling of critical infrastructure projects. No more fanning the flames of racial divisions. No more lies, corruption and abuse of power. Finally, America can move forward again.

There’s only one problem, Democrat rioters and anarchists standing in the way of progress. We can thank Trump and Wikileaks for exposing the media cabal that feeds the Democrat candidate debate questions beforehand and the liberal pollsters that engage in voter suppression by putting out fraudulent polls.

The mainstream media outlets that ask the DNC for questions to ask Republican candidates prior to interviews and the media that ask the DNC to proofread and approve stories before they run. The jig is up, liberals, there’s a new sheriff in town. And this one isn’t a career politician beholden to lobbyists and special interests. The new president is for all Americans, the common man, finally!

Dan Cerda


A safe bet


Here’s something to chew on. Trump did not win the election as much as the Democrats were almost certain to lose the presidency, regardless of whom they put forth as their candidate.

In the past 70 plus years there has only been one instance in America where the incumbent party earned a “third term” and that was when George H.W. Bush succeeded Regan. People who specialize in divining the roots of presidential elections say the plain fact of the matter is that after eight years people want change, out with the old and in with the new. That in large measure is what happened.

A year ago you could have given two to one odds that the Republicans would win the 2016 presidential election with a high assurance that you made a safe bet. Sorry to say, almost everything else is statistically irrelevant as we witnessed a divisive individual such as Trump hijack the Republican Party nomination and then win the general election. It helped, of course, that the Democrats chose a deeply flawed candidate.

Joe Beben

Carson City


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