Letters to the editor for Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016

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Reduce gun violence: Vote yes on Question 1

In reviewing the TV commercial’s sponsors for and against Question No. 1, a trend is clear. Retired law enforcement officers are generally FOR background checks for ex-felons and current elected law enforcement personnel are generally AGAINST it. Could it be the National Rifle Association (NRA), sponsor of many of these TV ads against Question 1, have warned those who will, in the future, need the NRA’s money and vote machine to win their respective elections?

Sadly, when our community loses a sheriff’s deputy in the line of duty to gun violence do we not all feel both sorrow and empathy for the spouse and children of our fallen hero? Do we not also feel helpless to stop this kind of needless slaughter?

Well, now is OUR chance, as a community and a state, to do something about it. End the gun show/online loophole and vote YES on State Question No. 1! Have we not lost enough good law enforcement neighbors?

Paul G. Corrado

Carson City

Local Republican officials called to support Trump

I am a Republican and a Trump supporter. If Nevada Republicans up for election will not support their party’s presidential candidate, this voter will not be voting down the ballot.

Jennifer Castro

Carson City


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