Letters to the editor for Friday, Oct. 28, 2016

Condition of Jack’s Bar conversation continues

The issue of the condition of Jack’s Bar has been ongoing since 2003 and revisited again in 2006.

In Sunday’s Chamber News & Views section, I wrote that there was/is a stand-off between the owners of this historic structure and the Carson City Historical Society. This is not the case. The stand-off is/was between the owners and the Carson City Historic Resources Commission. The Society is a nonprofit and the Commission is the citizens committee who recommends action to the Board of Supervisors. There is some overlap in those who have served on both boards.

The Nevada Appeal published an article on this issue on May 26, 2006, three years later, noting nothing had been resolved. Perhaps it is past time to revisit what is to be done with this blighted property so prominent on our main street? Though this structure has been named to the national Register of Historic Places, this does not protect it from destruction. In the Appeal article, it was noted that in 2003 dollars, it would have cost about $100,000 to resolve structural issue. When kids see this as a blight, you know it is time to revisit what needs to be done!

Ronni Hannaman

Executive Director of Carson City Chamber of Commerce

Museum highlights city’s culture and heritage

This is a response to the letters by Donald Paetz and Ronni Hannaman regarding things to do here in Carson City. Both of them missed a primary attraction for the city and the state of Nevada. That is the Nevada State Museum.

Our city and state are shaped by our heritage (to quote Peter Barton’s excellent guest column in the Sunday, Oct. 23, edition of the Appeal that should be required reading for the city fathers and all those involved in the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Center). That culture and heritage is revealed in many excellent exhibits: Under One Sky (a fine exhibit of our region’s American Indian culture); Nevada Stories; the Mint with the historic Coin Press No. 1; the mine; our natural, anthropologic, geologic, and archeologic history and a trip through time in the Nevada history section.

Come and see this nationally accredited institution today and Saturday. Celebrate the Museum’s 75th anniversary with free admission, taste the celebratory cake prepared by the Carson High culinary students, participate in raffles, witness the striking of a special commemorative medallion and tour the museum’s exhibits. I invite all residents of Carson City and visitors to participate in and experience our culture and heritage.

Cora Johnson

Chairperson of the Friends of the Nevada State Museum


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