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150 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Grand Ball — The public of Carson and vicinity is respectfully invited to attend a Dancing Party! Which is to be given on Wednesday Ev’g (sic), Sept. 19, 1866 at the Zephyr Cove House! At Lake Tahoe. Full arrangements have been made to make this one of the most complete and satisfactory parties of the season. Tickets of Admission ... $3. Billy Wilson’s stage will be in readiness to convey guests to and from the Ball. A. B. Gardner, Proprietor Zephyr Cove House.”

130 Years Ago

Big sea serpent: Judging from the reports along the Hudson of the big sea serpent, it is high time that the Prohibition movement struck that section of the country.

110 Years Ago

Indians give up land: Special Land Agent Casson shows that there are 200 Paiutes holding the 30,000 acre reservation of rich agricultural land in Churchill County. An allotment of 10 acres to each of them will leave 28,000 acres for white settlers. Each Indian will receive 10 acres of tillable land and the government agrees to supply water without cost.

70 Years Ago

Admission Day: Keith Gregory Jr., was named treasurer of Nevada Day and Roy M. Whitacre was selected as cochairman to serve with Chairman Bud Miller. The committee authorized the purchase of three early day wagons to come from Eureka and an ornate hearse to be obtained from Wadsworth. The famed logging wagon from Las Vegas Helldorado and Reno Liberty Days, also will be purchased ...

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Nancy Thran, employee of the Dairy Queen soda bar on Carson and Fifth, was shocked when a tire came crashing through the window yesterday afternoon as the result of a two-car accident. She is shown above with two men from the Jim Dandy Glass Co. who came to repair the window. Miss Thran said: “I was standing by the window. I saw the tire coming at me and I ran. I called the police and my boss. I don’t know what happened, really.”

20 Years Ago

Christian drive-in offers free films for a heavenly time: For 40 years in Columbus, Ohio, a free Christian drive-in has offered free admission and free concessions to movie goers. “All of our films are entertainment. A guy doesn’t just stand up there preaching,” said Jimmy Ree Jr., theater owner.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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