Letters to the editor for Friday, Sept. 17, 2016

Columnist rooted in wonder, not truth

Thanks for printing the Tom Riggins column, “Reflections: It’s a Time for Wonder” which I’ll call “Tom Riggins in Bafflement.” Let’s defog his clouded hapless wonderland.

He ponders and resolves what every person attending Burning Man is and how they think. That’s truly, astonishingly, smug, acrid and smoggy.

When he writes, “Pro football relies on its fan base to stay in business,” does he not wonder about advertisements and TV broadcast rights income? I can’t speak for the NFL, as Riggins does, but I can surmise that they are not against the First Amendment, as Riggins appears to be.

Voter fraud is baseless and a fiction of Riggins’ wondrously undistinguished and muddled mind. While Clinton has been dogged by scandal throughout her career, she’s never been found guilty at law. In Riggins’ land of bewilderment, though, Trump’s 2,000-plus lawsuits and his many losses don’t count as scandalous. Befuddlement continues when Riggins ignores the federal charges involving Trump University. Not a whiff or scent or foul smell there, right Riggins?

There’s a time for wonderment and then there’s a time for truth.

Robert Simpson



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