Open letter to Sen. Heller

I’m writing to express my unbridled dismay at your performance since I voted for you in 2012. Since then I have contacted your office on multiple occasions regarding important issues; you and your staff have been diligent in providing timely responses. To my regret, however, I have found your responses, rather than expressing and espousing a definitive stand on the issue, to equivocate or even obfuscate.

When I contacted your office regarding the illegal immigrant issues, your response was to the effect you supported taking action to strengthen the border but equivocated on how to handle the millions of illegal immigrants, in particular the deportation of illegal immigrant criminals.

When Supreme Court Justice Scalia passed away, I called your office asking you oppose consideration of an Obama nominee for Supreme Court Justice, and if a nomination came to the Senate for vote, you oppose it. The quintessence of your written response to me was “the Senate will do its Constitutional duty.” These were the words that came out of the mouth of Barack Obama. I expected better from you. When the issue of Hillary Clinton’s felonious behavior failing to safeguard United States classified documents was in the forefront and the FBI Director Comey shamed himself, I contacted your office asking you to take action. The letter I received from you touted your sponsoring legislation to make what she did illegal. The fact is she violated extant laws and regulations: ordinary citizens are in prison for far lesser offenses than what she committed. Your response to me was utter nonsense, another equivocation.

You have publicly opposed Donald Trump saying he denigrates women. While some of his comments have been ill-conceived, he does recognize how vile are Muslims who mutilate women and afford them little if any dignity including the right to vote. Hillary Clinton and Obama have refused to acknowledge these realities. I’m astounded you’re unable to differentiate.

My conclusion in all this is you seem more devoted to your re-election than representing the interests of your constituents and championing the beliefs of the Republican Party. You don’t take a firm stand on the important issues of the day. As a veteran I appreciate what you have done for veterans. But I have grown weary reading your newsletter in which you have touted, among other things, teaming with Harry Reid on initiatives one might expect from a freshman Congressman.

Senator, if you can’t find a way to differentiate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and publicly give him a strong endorsement, I would surmise many other law-abiding Republicans, will have difficulty finding a way to support you in your next bid for office.

Eldon DeVere Henderson, PhD, is a retired colonel from the United States Air Force and a Gardnerville resident.


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