Patagonia joins the Bring Back Solar Alliance

Bring Back Solar announced today that Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company, has joined the Alliance in fighting to overturn the unpopular solar rate hike passed by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUC) in late December. While the PUC took an important step by grandfathering existing customers, the state still needs a solution to allow Nevadans to affordably install rooftop solar in the future. Patagonia, which employs 500 people at its LEED-certified Reno Service Center, donates 1% of sales annually to grassroots environmental organizations and earlier this year joined with four other B Corporation companies to launch a $35 million fund to help 1,500 U.S. households install rooftop solar – installations now unavailable to its Reno workforce and all Nevada residents as a result of the Commission’s rate hike.

“As a CEO, I know the economic power of clean energy – that’s why we’re seeing great financial returns from Patagonia’s investments in residential solar,” said Rose Marcario, Chief Executive Officer of Patagonia in a press release. “Unfortunately, while the clean energy economy is thriving almost everywhere else, Nevada is being left behind because regulators and the utility refuse to embrace clean alternatives to fossil fuels that will lower costs for consumers, drive infrastructure investment in Nevada and help improve the health of our planet. We’re proud to fight for our employees and all Nevadans who deserve affordable residential solar options.”

“I’m thrilled to have Patagonia join the Bring Back Solar Alliance,” said Erin McCann, campaign manager for the Bring Back Solar Alliance in a press release. “Patagonia’s success demonstrates that growing a successful business and protecting the environment go hand-in-hand. We look forward to working with Patagonia to overturn the solar rate hike for the company’s 500 employees in Reno, and for all Nevadans.”

The Bring Back Solar Alliance, composed of Nevada businesses, non-profits, and outraged homeowners, is fighting to overturn the unpopular solar rate hike passed by the PUC in late December. The Alliance is supported by over 115,000 Nevadans that want Nevadans to have the right to generate their own clean energy without being punished with discriminatory fees.


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