Truth is not fake news

I find it difficult to talk in a favorable way about those who still support President Trump, even though I know some Trump voters who are fine people.

It would help a lot if they could just admit that the truth is not fake news. This is something they just don’t seem able to do. For instance; Barack Obama was born in the United States. Even Donald Trump has acknowledged this to be true. Many of his supporters won’t.

Only 45 percent of Trump voters believe Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with Russians about information that would be harmful to Hillary Clinton. For crying out loud Trump Jr. has admitted as much in his e-mails. This is a prime example where Trump voters won’t admit the truth. All percentages are from the PPP poll.

Evidently Donald Trump, members of his family, or campaign staff, can do anything. Trump could shoot someone and 45 percent of his voters say they would still approve of him. Trump’s voters would still support the president if he committed murder. Trump said so himself.. Unbelievable! “This is Jonestown level dementia,” said KOS. Pass the Kool-Aid.

It baffles me how so many, some very fine folks, can blindly follow Trump no matter what he does. I suspect social media, and Trump himself have filled their heads with nonsense about the truth being fake news. Did you know that 72 percent of Trump voters consider the Russia story, overall, to be “fake news,” only 14 percent find the story credible. This is in spite of the fact that the CIA, FBI, NSA, and all members of our intelligence community say there is no doubt Russia meddled in our election.

Why is it that only 24 percent of Trump voters even want an investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to get Trump elected? Sixty-four percent actually oppose an investigation. What are they afraid of? Heck, only 24 percent of Trump voters will admit that Russia wanted Trump elected while 44 percent say Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win, and 34 percent say they are not sure one way or the other. Duh

KOS wrote in a report: “Even if there was an investigation and it was found that the Trump campaign did collude with Russia to aid his campaign, 77 percent of his voters think he should stay in office, while just 16 percent say he should resign. More than three quarters of Trump voters are evidently comfortable with him serving as president even if he conspired with a hostile foreign enemy of the United States to get elected.” Think about that. That may be treason. The vast majority of Trump’s voters don‘t care. What s the world coming to?

What’s wrong with those followers who support Trump no matter what he does. “Maybe they don’t really believe what they are saying or maybe they just don’t care.” They probably will never admit they were duped, but they were. Where is the cheaper better healthcare Trump promised would be so easy? Duped. What happened to his secret plan to wipe out ISIS? It’s still a secret Obama’s plan is still being followed. Was Obama’s plan Trumps secret plan? Trump said North Korea would never have an ICBM. They now have one. The list goes on.

A PPP survey asked respondents who they supported more, Donald Trump or various media organizations. In every match-up Trump lost. It wasn’t even close. NBC, ABA, CBS, and even CNN beat Trump by wide margins. That “evil” New York Times beat Trump 55/38. The same with the Washington Post. It was the Post’s Woodward and Bernstein, and deep throat, who brought down Richard Nixon. Even after he resigned there were those who still supported him.

There is just no accounting for so many people who have their own idea of the truth and live in a world of untruths and denials, denying what is factual.

Here’s some facts for them; The truth as reported by all major media, with the exception of FOX, is not fake news. Trump Jr. evidently did collude with the Russians, as did Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort. The president most likely knew about it in advance. No one can murder another and remain as president. The Russia story is true. Russia supported Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton for president. If an investigation proves Trump conspired with the Russians to get elected, he will be impeached.

The truth hurts doesn’t it?

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident who offers the Democratic viewpoint, may be contacted at


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