Adopt a dog in Carson City on National Dog Day

Reggie was adopted by Nevada Appeal Editor Adam Trumble.

Reggie was adopted by Nevada Appeal Editor Adam Trumble.

How should you celebrate National Dog Day? By adopting a new furry friend.

The special day — dedicated to celebrating man’s best friend — is Saturday and Carson City’s Nevada Humane Society will be having adoptions all day on all of their dogs, puppies and cats.

“It is extremely important (for these dogs to get adopted) because we want them to find their forever home, that is the most important part,” said NHS director Art Westbrook.

The NHS hosts adoptions everyday at the facility, including an off-site adoption on Saturdays at Pet Smart, but Westbrook said that the weekends, especially days like National Dog Day, they see an increase in adoptions. This weekend, he said they will even have four puppies for adoption which is rare for the facility.

“We have a lot of dogs who are just great and just for whatever reason ended up here,” Westbrook said. “Plus it is better to adopt from a shelter because the dogs are already spayed, neutered and chipped and our adoption fees are only $50 so the dogs get a forever home and it is a great deal.”

The shelter currently has about 20 dogs available for adoption.

To find a new four-legged friend, visit the Nevada Humane Society at 549 Airport Road in Carson City. For information, call 775-887-2171 or visit


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