The Popcorn Stand: Carson City becomes Christmastown USA

It took a while but the Elmer Fudd hat finally came out on Friday night for the Silver & Snowflakes and Christmas Tree Lighting. It was actually a perfect night that wasn’t brutally cold like Monday morning, a morning in which I really needed the Elmer Fudd hat while I was with Pete the Shih Tzu and Tuf Tuf (you know Sir Tuffington something or other) the Jack Russell.

I had the chance to attend Friday night’s festivities with the woman I love, Esther Avila, and we watched as the lighting of the State Capitol took place and we were awe struck. We then strolled around downtown and were impressed with how everything looked.

Esther commented to me Carson City could be called “Christmastown USA.” Esther told me the scene in Carson City on Friday night reminded her of a Hallmark Christmas movie and she thought those small town Christmas scenes depicted in those movies no longer exist. But she found out that type of Christmas scene does exist and it happened on Friday night in Carson City.

Carson City Chamber of Commerce executive director Ronni Hannamann and the Chamber along with all those involved deserve a great deal of credit for turning downtown Carson City into “Christmastown USA.” While there are those who would say all this downtown Christmas stuff is corny, hokey and overly sentimental, I can’t get enough of the authentic Christmas spirit that was presented on Friday ever as opposed to the HallowThanksMas two-month marathon the holidays have become.

On Friday night, Christmas in Carson City was done the way Christmas is supposed to be done. It was definitely a worthwhile reason to break out the Elmer Fudd hat.

— Charles Whisnand


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